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Why is Termite Control Crucial?


Understanding Termites

Termites retrieve their nutrients by consuming sand and silt and are known to build tunnels, known as mud tubes, to reach their food sources. This, coupled with these insects’ fast-breeding capability and metabolism, makes termite control crucial for infestations to be treated as soon as they are discovered to prevent expensive structural damage.

Common Types of Termites

Subterranean Termites
Subterranean termites consume wood and can instinctually feed for 24 hours of the day. If these insects infest your property, your structure will weaken over time as they bite off small fragments to sustain their colony.

Harvester Termites
Harvester termites primarily damage lawns and flowers as they feed off dead and living plants. Unlike the subterranean species, these termites do not feed on wood unless the colony considers it an obstruction. These termites can be easily spotted by identifying round patches of dead grass on lawns.

The Importance of Termite Control

Since prevention is the best method of control for termites, you must be aware of the signs of an infestation. These pests tend to stay hidden, but the primary tell is the presence of mud tubes on the exterior of your property for subterranean termites and in soil for harvester termites. For interior inspection, soft, hollow-sounding wood and blistering paint could also indicate termites. If you find termites or suspect an infestation, professional termite control services can be used for the most comprehensive elimination.

Termite Prevention Tips

Keep up with regular garden maintenance to disrupt harvester termites.
Remove eroding bark to prevent attracting termites.
Identify and fix any leaks as soon as possible.
Where possible, treat and maintain wood to avoid dampness.
Remove dead vegetation from your garden.
Try to include termite-deterring plants in your garden.
Avoid storing firewood against walls.
Time for Termite Control?
Termite control is not just a matter of home maintenance – it’s necessary to preserve your property’s structural integrity and overall health! Being aware of the signs of infestation and implementing preventative measures are key steps towards effective termite control. If you suspect a termite problem, contact your nearest professionals to act swiftly!