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How to use SARS eFiling

Follow the following steps if you wish to register as an eFiler –

  • Go to the SARS  eFiling website and click on the REGISTER button.
  • To register you will need the following
    • Tax Registration number
    • ID Number
    • Personal Details
  • You will have to make a choice from the following options
    • For individuals (persons operating in their individual capacity)
    • For tax practitioners (practitioners submitting returns on behalf of individuals or companies)
    • For organizations (for businesses submitting on behalf of the company they work for)
  • You will be guided through a six-step process.

The first three are listed below:

    • Step 1:

Read the Terms and Conditions carefully and accept these.

    • Step 2:

You need to provide your personal particulars and your login information.

You will be able to select your own Login ID and password.

For security purposes SARS will add four additional characters to this ID.

    • Step 3:

You are then welcome to SARS eFiling.

You can now login to the system

Follow the prompts to complete the process

  • Once you have registered as an eFiler and entered your company details and tax references numbers you are flagged as an electronic filer with SARS.
  • You will no longer receive your tax returns from SARS via the postal service.
  • SARS eFiling will send the nominated user an electronic confirmation via email advising that the return/s for the specified tax type and company have been issued.
  • The electronic form is made available for completion and submission on the web site.