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Recording and verifying company documentation (VAT, Company number, etc)

Why is it necessary to search and verify business information?

If you are looking to do business with; purchase from or go into a joint venture with another company or organization it might be very wise to do your homework first. In our current business landscape there are many pitfalls; and it is often difficult to determine who you should trust and who you shouldn’t. We should verify employee details, we often credit check our potential customer to make sure they are worthy of our services and will pay us on time. So why take businesses at face value?

How do we do it?

There are a few organizations that specialize in checking out the legitimacy of businesses. They are more than willing, for a fee, to do a business search on your behalf. Whether you chose to make use of their services or try and forge away on your own, there are a few checks that should be undertaken.

CIPRO Company and Director Searches and a SARS VAT information search are possibly the most important verification checks that you can do. These searches are used to verify Business Registration information; statutory and non statutory Directors’ information and the accuracy of the VAT numbers in relation to the information that has been provided by the business. In doing so you will verify substantial facts about the business you are about to go into business with.

CIPRO Company search information includes: (Close corporations and Companies registered in South Africa)

  • Registered Business Name
  • Registration Number
  • SIC Code
  • TAX Number
  • Physical and Postal Addresses
  • Directors; Name, Surname, ID Number, Status
  • Auditors Information and Contact details

CIPRO Director search information includes

  • Registered Business Name(s) and Detail
  • Business Registration Number(s)
  • Director; Name, Surname, ID Number, Status
  • Director Status and Date of Appointment
  • Physical and Postal Addresses

SARS (South African Revenue Services) search allows you to search a company by name or registration number and obtain the registered VAT status of the company.

The information consists of:

  • Business name or trading name
  • Registration Number
  • Liability Date
  • VAT Number and Status