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What HR documents a company should keep


The HR structure should provide an organization with the relevant architecture around the workforce (big or small) that supports the well being of the employees from on boarding to exit. Legislation and compliance to legislation should be a critical element of all HR and Business strategies and a proper HR framework is essential to ensure compliance. If you do not have a proper HR framework and system in place this should cause a great concern in your business operation. Standard HR policies; documentation and templates enable consistency and remove business risks. Each organization should have the following documentation and policies as a minimum:

  • Application for employment
  • Application for leave
  • Certificate of service
  • Change management plan
  • Disciplinary codes and procedures
  • Employment contracts for both permanent and limited duration employees
  • Employment equity
  • Exit interview
  • Grievance document
  • Leave policy
  • Notification of disciplinary enquiry
  • Recruitment strategy and policy
  • Remuneration strategy and policy
  • Request for an appeal
  • Skills develop plan
  • Success planning strategy
  • Suspension documents
  • Talent management strategy
  • Termination of employment
  • The labor acts
  • Training plan
  • UIF employment exit documentation
  • Warning documents