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Recording and verifying employee qualifications

Verify qualifications

The National Learners’ Records Database at the South African Qualifications Authority is one of the places you can go if you wish to verify educational qualifications. Alternatively you can use facilities that specialize in verifying employee records including educational; credit and criminal etc. Employers can confirm qualifications and check information that is stored on the NLRD. In order to get an appropriate response exact queries need to be submitted, such as which qualification; institution and date, to which SAQA will either respond found or not found.

How do you request the information?

To verify the records of an employee or potential employ you first need to have the person you wish to check out sign an agreement form providing you with the relevant permission to do so. Then you require to complete the following information

  • Full name of the person you wish to verify
  • Identity number
  • Qualification achieved
  • Institution where the qualification was obtained
  • Date of qualification

Often a student number helps, so request a certified copy of the individuals qualification for good measure.

The verification process can take from one tos even days. For bulk requests it could take up to four weeks.

SAQA Costs?

  • Individual: R50 per person requested (for up to 124 records)
  • Bulk: Up to 5000 records: R6000.  If you request 5000 records or more, then the cost is R1,20 per record (using a specified data layout).  A further R6000 is charged if there are 125 or more Matric records in bulk verification.
  • For more information email