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Proper diary management

We all want to be organized; methodical and manage our time well. Not all of us inherently have these skills in our little tool box and we have to work hard to prevent ourselves from double booking our time, under estimating travel requirements and just generally making sure we are at the right place at the right time.

So how can we improve the management of our time? Here are some tips to get your time management managed better.

In today’s technology driven society it should be simpler than before. Get yourself a virtual PA. Synchronizing your phone to your laptop diary and diligently managing the input is one way of starting to get it right.

Start a weekly planner. This is a plan that allows you to proactively identify time slots for all the repetitive work you have to do. Set aside time for the day to day activities you have to get done. Admin, telephone calls to clients; set weekly or monthly business meetings. Make sure you plot these carefully into your weekly planner and onto your calendar.

Use reminders on your phone and laptop to warn you of upcoming meetings or important deadline dates and times. Highlight and flag deadlines days before the deadlines are due.

Be thoughtful in how much time you book for appointments. Don’t waste time for the sake of it, and certainly don’t under estimate the time you need for certain appointments.

Coordinate your priorities with other parties in the work place that impact your job. Your boss, other dependent departments all have an impact on your time. They can sabotage your plans and you need to make sure you have contingency plans in place to recover from these eventualities.

Work with the times you have allocated in mind, and avoid putting things out for the next day when you have planned to execute them today.

Whatever you do don’t fall into the trap of procrastination. It is the biggest time waster of all.