Online Payroll and HR - online rental per month.


Obtain a complete Human Resource Package of systems at only R50 plus vat per person. Minimum 10 employees.

The Human Resource package includes a payroll system, a responsitory of employee records, an employee appraisal system, leave management for the employees, recruitment system to manage the process of hiring new employees which includes free advertising of those posts on, an attendance system to record what employees work on (the attendance billing optional extra add on can use this information to bill clients) and a skills development system to manage skill requirements in a company.

This HR package has been developed by Intoweb Business providing companies with the opportunity to manage their human resources easily and effectively. You can now efficiently track, manage and process employee activities. The system is designed for small to medium businesses and enables the use of the system online, from anywhere in the world.

Some example clients who use this HR system:

  • South African Football Association
  • Hernic Ferrochrome
  • Tau Mining
  • Bank of Rwanda
  • Institute of Security Studies

Intoweb Business also offers a more expensive customised version of this product and other extra Intranet modules for larger companies at a once off licence cost that can be installed on their Intranet.



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The HR Centre provides a comprehensive company intranet system ideal for information management, payroll systems, appraisal systems, employee record systems, skills development, leave management and reccruitment. The system is an online intranet system and the intranet is for hire.